Acree, Eric Kofi

Director John Henrik Clarke Africana Library; Coordinator of Fine Arts and Music Libraries
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Eric Kofi Acree is the African/African American subject specialist for Cornell University Library and is responsible for providing reference and library instruction/consultation in the area of Africana Studies.  He serves as a liaison with the Africana Studies & Research Center, Institute for African Development (IAD) and the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI).

Acree is a member of a staff led group called Men Against Sexual Violence. He serves on Cornell University’s Council on Sexual Violence Prevention. One of the key charges of the Council is to address issues of sexual violence/misconduct, and to promote a positive/safe environment. In connection with this council he serves as a volunteer staff co-investigator with the Workforce Policy & Labor Relations (WPLR) in investigation of claims under Policy 6.4, against staff of alleged discrimination and harassment. His responsibilities include acting as scribe at interviews and collaborating with WPLR on findings and final report of the investigation.  He plays a similar role with the University’s Judicial Administrator Office (JA) in dealings with the student population. In conjunction with the JA's office he helped established a direct study program which targets Cornell students who have been found in violation of the Campus Code of conduct for some type of sexual assault crime.