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  • Cornell is a member of the CMS collaboration and its US subgroup USCMS. CMS is one of two large detectors being built at the LHC at the CERN particle physics lab in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Experimental Activities

    • Pixel Calibration
    • EM Calorimeter
    • Tracking
    • Core Software
    • Trigger
    In addition to these projects, we are involved in physics studies for what we can do with the first data coming out of the LHC, including the engineering run in 2007 and the first physics runs in 2008. Among the topics we are interested in is "Beyond the Standard Model" physics such as Supersymmetry, extra dimension and the mystery of dark matter. CMS will also be a great place to study the top quark in great detail (which some of us are already doing at CDF at Fermilab) and looking for Higgs bosons, in either a Standard Model flavor or whatever new Higgs Nature throws at us.