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The Master of Fine Arts program requires four terms of residence with a minimum of sixty credits; it is intended for those who want to further their education as artists. Candidates must complete eighteen credits of course work in the history of art, either as graduate or undergraduate students, and must earn at least twelve credits for academic work outside the Department of Art.
Every M.F.A. candidate must (1) prepare a written statement, (2) offer a thesis exhibition of studio work completed during residency, and (3) give an oral defense of the written statement and exhibition. The written statement may deal with the major concerns of the student's own work or with some aesthetic or historical issue in art. The oral defense of the written statement is presented at the time of the thesis exhibition.
The art facilities are housed in buildings that are open twenty-four hours a day and are located near the Fine Arts Library (about 140,000 volumes) and the university's Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art.
There are private graduate studios located in the Centre for Graduate Studies in Art/Foundry building, a 45 x 180 foot converted building with 14 foot ceilings that includes work and critique spaces.
Print Media located in Tjaden Hall includes relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, and various photographic processes. Also includes etching presses, lithographic presses, and proof presses.
Potography located in Tjaden Hall includes processes such as black and white, color, nonsilver, and large-format.
Sculpture is located in the Foundry and includes a bronze casting facility, complete gas-and arc-welding facilities, heavy-duty ginders, a drill press, a band saw, and a variety of portable power tools.
MFA students share AAP College production facilities in Rand, Sibley and Tjaden Halls.

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