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subject description and guidelines

  • Industrial Relations (IR), increasingly called "employment relations", developed as a distinct academic subject nearly a century ago. Although controversy still exists concerning its "intellectual boundaries," here it will be defined as "subfields related to the employment relationship." This includes human resource management, collective bargaining, labor history, labor law, labor economics and organizational behavior. The existing collection emphasizes all aspects of industrial relations as briefly described above and serves as the premier collection of its type in North America. Collections in international and comparative industrial relations are growing to reflect a more global economy and workforce.


  • The primary mission of the Martin P. Catherwood Library (ILR) is to serve the needs of the faculty, both resident and extension, and students of the ILR School. One of our primary areas of support is to graduate students working toward advanced degrees (MS, MILR, MPS and PhD) from one of the six departments within the school (listed below).

    The Catherwood Library also serves as a resource for a diverse clientele including labor union leaders, human resource managers, legislators, practitioners, and academic researchers worldwide.