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subject description and guidelines

  • Comprehensive collection of primary texts and secondary literature relating to French language and literature from the emergence of the French vernacular in the early Middle Ages to the present. The collection supports research and scholarly communication at the highest level of excellence.

    The collection encompasses: (1) fiction, poetry, drama, graphic novels, creative nonfiction, and other forms of belles lettres originating in the French-speaking world; (2) critical, theoretical, and historical writing on French-language literature; (3) general literary theory and criticism written in French; (4) scholarship on the history of the French language; (6) scholarly writing on folklore of the Francophone countries; (7) biographies of canonical French-language literary figures; and (7) works on the art and craft of French theatrical performance; and (8) scholarly work on the French-language popular press and mass media.


  • The collection is intended to support the teaching and research needs of undergraduates, graduate students, academic staff, and faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences, with particular consideration for the departments of Romance Studies; Theatre, Film & Dance; and Comparative Literature, as well as several related interdisciplinary programs, specifically: Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies; the Institute for Comparative Modernities; Medieval Studies; and the Society for the Humanities.